Basement break-ins: police find pattern in burglaries

There have been ten burglaries in two weeks in Västerbotten. Police are now warning that the wave of domestic burglaries has only just begun. At the same time, the hunt for the perpetrators continues, reports Västerbottens-Kuriren. "We expect the burglary spree to continue for at least another two months," says Daniel Karlsson, crime coordinator for the Västerbotten police.

Two new residential burglaries were reported to the police over the weekend. (Stock images).

Two new residential burglaries were reported to the police over the weekend. (Stock images).

Foto: TT

Västerbottens län2023-08-30 12:05

Over the weekend, two more residential burglaries were reported to police in the county - one in Tomtebo in Umeå and one in Morö Backe in Skellefteå. The police have also received a report of an attempted burglary in the same area of Skellefteå, reports VK.

In two weeks, there have now been ten home burglaries in the county. It's about five in Umeå and the same number in Skellefteå.

The police warned homeowners of new burglaries before the weekend. At the same time, people who saw something suspicious in their neighborhoods were asked to contact the police. And the call has paid off.

– We have received several observations, some of which are interesting. We are getting small pieces of the puzzle from each of the crime scenes, says Daniel Karlsson, a crime coordinator at the Västerbotten county police.

What tips have you received?

– I can't go into details, but people have been more observant. There has been a lot of observation of different cars and people.

Do you expect more break-ins?

– We expect the robberies to continue. We have at least two more months of this period. What will happen next is difficult to say:

– On the one hand, they have now been in both Umeå and Skellefteå, and in many cases in such sprees the perpetrators target a whole region. This region is usually the Norrland coast. So you can imagine that Norrbotten and Västernorrland will soon get their fair share of burglaries.

The police have previously reported that they believe all the burglaries are connected, reports VK.

–The picture becomes clearer the more incidents occur and the more observations we receive. It is becoming obvious that this is a series of home burglaries in Västerbotten," says Karlsson.

The way the perpetrators entered the homes is one of several similarities between the burglaries. According to the police, the suspects have mainly entered through a basement window.

– All burglaries are not exactly the same, but we see several similarities. There are also similarities in terms of movement patterns and goods that have gone missing, mainly jewelry or other small items of higher value.

The police still do not know who is behind the burglaries.

- The investigation continues. We have conducted crime scene examinations and in some cases we have been able to secure clues. We are waiting for the analysis to link different people to the crime scenes. Together with the interesting tips we have received, we believe that this will lead to some kind of result. We feel that we are on the right track, Karlsson tells VK.