"Stressed" officer's weapon lost when nature calls

A report by Police Region Nord has shed light on how a police officer left their service weapon behind at a gas station in Lövånger in early February.

A customer discovered the weapon on the floor in the restroom.

A customer discovered the weapon on the floor in the restroom.

Foto: Privat

Lövånger2024-02-28 08:30

On February 6, a customer at a gas station in Lövånger discovered a police service pistol. The customer reported this to the staff, who then secured the weapon in the station's safe. A report and investigation into the incident were subsequently conducted by Police Region North.

The station manager confirmed the report's details. A plainclothes officer requested their service pistol from the staff, which was returned to them. The entire timeframe, from the customer finding the weapon to the officer retrieving it, was estimated to be less than ten minutes.

According to the officer's written statement, they were on the way to an assignment with their service dog when, feeling somewhat stressed, they decided to grab a meal and use the restroom at the OKQ8 in Lövånger.

They removed their holster and placed it on the restroom floor, unintentionally forgetting it upon leaving.

After realizing the missing weapon two to three minutes later, the officer promptly returned to the station and retrieved it. The statement expresses regret and guarantees steps have been taken to prevent future occurrences.

Police Region Nord's investigation confirms the officer's accidental abandonment of the firearm, constituting a failure to handle the service pistol properly and a disregard for their duties. The report recommends disciplinary action, including a salary deduction, for the service offense