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List: Top ten hottest trades in the green transition

The shortage of truck drivers is glaring, not least in northern Sweden.
The shortage of truck drivers is glaring, not least in northern Sweden.

Here are the top ten red-hot occupations in the green industrial boom in northern Sweden.

Norra Sverige 28 februari 2023 16:28

Truck driver 

Okay, diesel exhaust isn't exactly green. But the haulage industry is also moving towards more environmentally friendly fuels, as well as electrification. Transport to and from large industrial projects will increase greatly and no industry is already crying out louder for personnel.


Red hot. Electricians are needed for everything from housing construction to installation of charging posts. Swedish industry estimates that there is a shortage of 30,000 electricians in Sweden today, and the industrial boom in the north is only going to gather momentum.

Electrification requires more electricians.

Maintenance engineer

Operation and maintenance engineers are something that the industrial giants will need in the future, for the development and maintenance of technology.

Wind power engineers

Wind power has been singled out as the fastest solution to Sweden's energy crisis. With all the electricity-consuming projects planned, it is not wild speculation that wind power will continue to grow in the north, despite opposition. And once the windmills are in place, they must be serviced and maintained.

Emilia Lidman works as a wind power technician at Enercon in Markbygden.

Electric power engineer

Increased electricity production will inevitably lead to a critical shortage of engineers and technicians. Power giants and local smaller power companies, will need power engineers to design, maintain and commission power plants and power systems.

Environmental manager

If industries, wind farms and power lines are to be built, the environment must also be taken into account. Investigations according to environmental regulations will need to be carried out by local authorities, who are already signaling that more resources are needed for everything to run smoothly.

Construction workers are needed for both large and small projects.

Construction worker

At the same time as large buildings are being planned and many of the municipalities in the north are crying out for new housing, the construction sector seems to have slowed down. In the north, however, the economy is still strong.

English-speaking primary school teacher

A very important building block in societal transformation. Several municipalities, such as Boden, Luleå and Skellefteå, are already investing in English-language teaching in primary and secondary schools to facilitate recruitment from abroad for companies.

Teaching in English is on the rise in the municipalities in northern Sweden. This is Stuart Garbutt at the International English School in Skellefteå.


Minerals and metals are part of the transition, even though mines may not seem to be entirely beneficial for the environment. The search for new deposits is ongoing among companies such as Boliden, LKAB and Kaunis Iron. Geologists are also needed for soil surveys investigations and risk assessments.

Operations manager

A profession that is in demand in virtually all new industries, but also in operations centers and IT centers of local authorities in a growing society.           

Among other things, geologists can analyze drill cores.