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Skellefteå residents' favorite new restaurants

"We often sit at this table." Friends Kristina Oskarsson, Ellinor Lindberg and Helén Hultman have an afternoon coffee at Paolos.
"We often sit at this table." Friends Kristina Oskarsson, Ellinor Lindberg and Helén Hultman have an afternoon coffee at Paolos.

What are the latest restaurant favorites? Let's quickly survey the town, where the aromas of Italian and Asian cuisine waft through the air, bringing joy to the taste buds of the locals in Skellefteå.

Norra Sverige 24 april 2023 11:35

Ronny Pettersson and Jan Lindgren opted for today's lunch at the Indian restaurant, Hello Asia, located in the Vintergatan shopping center. They have just finished a chicken and beef dish.

Ronny Pettersson and Jan Lindgren ate at the relatively new Indian restaurant Hello Asia.

–It's clear that there's a lot happening around here. We're seeing more and more new restaurants pop up, many of them offering more unique and unusual cuisine. It's great to have more options, commented Ronny Pettersson.

– I'm a big fan of Indian food, and this meal didn't disappoint. It had a strong and satisfying flavor, added Jan Lindgren.

Meanwhile, a short distance away in the same mall, we ran into Ida Boman, who was in the midst of a shopping spree.

"Fun with more places. Change is satisfying," says Ida Boman.

–If you have young children, going out to eat is an experience in itself, and it's always nice to have a change of scenery. It really depends on the situation, whether we choose to bring the kids or just go out as a couple. We haven't tried all the new restaurants yet, but we did have a great meal at Miss Voon, located at the top of Sara, says the local resident.

Elisabeth Sinclair, a visitor from Umeå, is taking the opportunity to grab a coffee with her friend Eva Lundqvist at Espresso House.

–I think I've tried most of the restaurants in Skellefteå, and I must say that it's always a pleasure to come here. They're holding their own against the competition," she says.

Elisabeth Sinclair and Eva Lundqvist like Skellefteå's development. The Italian restaurant La Cena is one of Eva's favourites.

–I think the development started with Bryggargatan's 'fine dining' and it's been causing ripples ever since. There are new restaurants popping up all over town, along with an increase in outdoor seating. People were even sitting outside well into autumn last year, which wasn't something you saw before. This is likely due in part to an influx of new residents, which has had a positive influence on the locals and given the city a more urban feel, explains Eva Lundqvist.

One of her favorites is the Italian restaurant, La Cena.

– But I also enjoy Indian food, which has been missing from the scene until recently, she adds.

"Now that I don't work full-time anymore, I have time for other things," says Kristina Oskarsson. On the left Helén Hultman.

Sara kulturhus is home to three restaurants. Miss Voon offers a blend of various Asian cuisines, Mandel focuses on local delicacies and sustainability, while Paolo's is a spacious Italian restaurant with an airy glass interior, serving pizza and classic pasta dishes.

Here, we find Kristina Oskarsson, Helén Hultman, and Ellinor Lindberg.

"We often sit at this table." Friends Kristina Oskarsson, Ellinor Lindberg and Helén Hultman have an afternoon coffee at Paolos.

–There have been so many changes in recent years. Nowadays, you often have to book ahead if you want to secure a table for dinner, notes Kristina Oskarsson.

– It's great that the options have become more diverse. Especially now that I'm not working full-time anymore, I have more time to explore, adds Helén Hultman.

– Having more choices is always a positive thing. But we haven't had a chance to try all the new places yet, says Ellinor Lindberg.