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SSAB in Luleå: First plant sketch, permit applied for

This is an artist's impression of what SSAB's new steel mill in Svartön, Luleå, will look like.
This is an artist's impression of what SSAB's new steel mill in Svartön, Luleå, will look like.

SSAB has submitted its application for its green steel mill in Luleå. Here is the first sketch of what the integrated steel mill will look like.

Engelska 27 november 2023 16:00

Preparations for the permit application, including consultations, have been underway for some time.

SSAB has not yet announced that it has secured any commitments regarding power supply, but has decided to take the next step and apply for a permit under the Environmental Code to build and operate production in a new integrated electric steel mill with electric arc furnaces, hot rolling and refining, a plant commonly referred to in the industry as a minimill.

Sara Arvidsson, director of environmental permits at SSAB. The picture was taken during a consultation as part of the process.

The coking plant, blast furnace, and steelworks in the existing operations will be phased out.

– With this application we are taking another step on our journey to fossil-free steel. Our transition in Luleå means significantly lower emissions. The sooner we get approval for our project, the greater the environmental benefit, says Sara Arvidsson, director of environmental permits at SSAB's transition office.

"Another step on our journey," says Sara Arvidsson.

SSAB further states:

– The aim of the application is to obtain the necessary permits to convert the existing operations in Luleå to fossil-free steel production, thereby contributing to a more sustainable world.

SSAB is planning to decommission the existing operations, including the blast furnace.

The change will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2.8 million metric tons per year, a 90 percent reduction from current emissions.

SSAB has previously announced its intention to transition its operations in Luleå by around 2030, and has previously called for an accelerated permit process.

– We believe and hope that we can have a permit within twelve months, preferably sooner. We have proposed a timetable that is realistic and generous. Above all, we have worked to ensure that the application is complete, clear and relevant to enable an efficient review, says Arvidsson.

In order to secure the power supply for the Luleå plant, Svenska Kraftnät (the Swedish National Grid) is planning to build a 400-kilovolt power grid, which is necessary for the transition. This is expected to be operational by 2028.

– The electricity is not part of this permit application, but is a condition, like the environmental permit, that must be in place. We know that there are several ongoing investigations. We are moving forward and working intensively on the issue from SSAB's side. Who will produce the electricity or which electricity trading company it will be is a business arrangement that is further down the road. This is not something we can answer at this stage, but we are working hard to ensure that the power supply is in place on time, says Arvidsson.