Stormy weekend looms for northern Norrland

Strong winds in Västerbotten on Saturday and Sunday.
Strong winds in Västerbotten on Saturday and Sunday.

A storm is threatening northern Norrland this weekend. SMHI has issued several weather warnings for Norrbotten and Västerbotten.

Västerbottens län 3 februari 2024 14:21

SMHI has issued new warnings for strong gusts, very strong gusts and stormy conditions in large parts of Västerbotten. A yellow warning is in effect for inland and coastal areas from 18:00 on Saturday evening until 03:00 on Sunday morning.

The warning extends from Malå and Norsjö in the north to Örnsköldsvik in the south. Umeå, along the coast, will be most affected, with winds of up to 25 metres per second expected. The Skellefteå area is expected to be somewhat calmer, with possible local gusts of up to 16 metres per second.

A yellow warning applies from Malå in the north down to Örnsköldsvik in the south.

Within the warning area, road access may be affected by fallen trees. Risks include power outages, delays to public transport and possible displacement or damage to loose objects and temporary structures. There may also be some damage to forests.

This weather pattern is attributed to a low pressure system that will deepen in the Norwegian Sea on Friday evening, cross Västerbotten on Saturday and weaken on Sunday.

SMHI points out the uncertainty of the location of the wind peaks and emphasises the variations in wind strength within the warned area. The agency also warns of the possibility of localised snow showers.

An orange warning applies to the mountains this weekend.

The Västerbotten and Arjeplog mountains will be under an orange warning from 22:00 on Friday evening until 22:00 on Saturday evening, when it will change to a yellow warning. These areas will experience strong winds accompanied by snow showers.

People are strongly discouraged from venturing into the mountains due to the expected difficulty of movement, difficulties in anchoring tents, poor visibility and a significant risk of frostbite.

A yellow warning is also in place for the mountain range north of Arjeplog throughout the weekend.

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