Snowstorm forecast for Skellefteå

In the Skellefteå region, the majority of precipitation will be in the form of snow. Archive image.
In the Skellefteå region, the majority of precipitation will be in the form of snow. Archive image.

Snow is moving in from the south on Friday afternoon and is expected to intensify gradually. "The snow will become heavier during the evening and night of Friday and the early hours of Saturday. This may lead to problems such as power outages and traffic disruptions," says Sofia Söderberg, meteorologist at SMHI.

Västerbottens län 3 november 2023 12:40

The heaviest snowfall is expected on Saturday, when it will snow throughout the day with varying intensity due to windy conditions.

– On the coast there may be some rain or sleet, but in the Skellefteå area it will be mainly snow, says Sofia Söderberg from SMHI.

According to the warning, which was issued just before 11:30 on Friday, there is a risk of restricted travel due to traffic accidents, slippery roads, slush, poor visibility, and drifting snow. There is also a risk of roads not being plowed.

The boundary between snow and rain is somewhere in the middle of the Västerbotten coast, but determining its exact location is difficult.

– There will be snow in the inland parts of Västerbotten, and it will also be windy. The wind will increase during the evening and night towards Saturday, becoming a northeasterly wind with brisk to strong gusts both along the coast and inland, she continues.

Light winds are about eight to 13 meters per second, and strong winds are over 14 meters per second.

– It varies along the coastal areas and higher terrain in the inland parts, but the winds can be around 16 to 17 meters per second.

The snowfall will continue through the night into Sunday before it begins to taper off. Overall, there could be about ten centimeters of snow and, in the inland areas, up to 15 centimeters.

On the south coast of the area, the precipitation will mostly be rain, while on the north coast it's more likely to be snow.

– The temperature will be around zero degrees, and there may also be freezing rain, which can be problematic on the roads.

Inland, temperatures are expected to be five to ten degrees below freezing on Saturday.

– On Sunday, it could be around zero, even in the inland areas, as milder air moves in. Then it could be three to four degrees above freezing on the coast.

In the mountains, however, temperatures will remain below freezing.

Elin Ala, press spokeswoman for Skellefteå Kraft, says that so far the company has not reported any major problems.

– But we have ensured extra personnel throughout our area if things get particularly difficult, she says.

– We are always prepared and ready if there are any problems. We constantly monitor SMHI's alerts and weather developments, and adjust our staff levels accordingly.

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