Västerbotten forest fire warning - hot weekend ahead

SMHI warns of a high risk of forest fire from Sunday.
SMHI warns of a high risk of forest fire from Sunday.

Get ready for a dry and sunny weekend ahead, with temperatures soaring above 20 degrees. However, SMHI warns of an elevated risk of forest and grass fires.

Västerbotten 9 juni 2023 11:33

A warning will be in effect from Saturday night until further notice. According to SMHI, there is a significant or even severe risk of fires, with the potential for rapid fire spread in forested areas.

– Extreme caution should be exercised when conducting outdoor fires, as fire bans are likely to be implemented, advises SMHI in the warning.

As per the current weather forecast, Sunday promises abundant sunshine and temperatures reaching 26 degrees Celsius, followed by a rain-free week with temperatures consistently above 20 degrees. The weekend forecast is considered safe.

Saturday is expected to be predominantly sunny with some scattered clouds, and the temperature will peak at 19 degrees Celsius.

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