Region Västerbotten selling off used household items

Region Västerbotten is organizing a sale of used furniture, textiles and household items to coincide with week 38, which is the county's sustainability week.

Västerbotten 19 september 2023 11:30

The aim is to reduce the impact on the climate by prolonging the life of items that are no longer suitable for Region Västerbotten's use, VK reports. Rather than throwing the furniture away, they want to see if the public would like to buy and reuse it.

– We want to use our resources more efficiently and reduce our environmental impact, says Karin Modig, environmental coordinator for Region Västerbotten, in a press release.

– We have filled several rooms with used furniture. It will be great fun to see if this is a successful concept, says Oskar Näslund, logistician and project manager at Region Västerbotten.

The sale will take place September 23, at Elsa Bolins gränd 6, Norrland University Hospital, Umeå.

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