Snow and strong winds expected - warnings issued

SMHI has issued several warnings in Västerbotten on Monday, even though the Skellefteå area seems to miss out on the worst weather.
SMHI has issued several warnings in Västerbotten on Monday, even though the Skellefteå area seems to miss out on the worst weather.

SMHI has issued warnings for large parts of Västerbotten on Monday. Snowfall and strong winds are expected from 08:00, with the risk of traffic problems. "Both south and north, including the Skellefteå area, are included in the warning," says Sofia Söderberg, meteorologist at SMHI, who expects up to eight centimeters of fresh snow in the Skellefteå area.

Västerbotten 22 januari 2024 08:48

UPDATE: 17:20
Warning Issued for Norrbotten's Coastal Areas The weather is expected to become challenging for Norrbotten's coastal areas on Monday afternoon. SMHI has issued a yellow warning for wind in combination with snowfall from Piteå in the south to Haparanda in the north.

Up to 20 centimeters of fresh snow is expected in the area. The wind will increase from the afternoon, and strong gusts are expected from the southeast.

This may cause issues in traffic and for the power supply, as stated by SMHI on its website. The warning is valid until 23:00 on Monday evening.

UPDATE: 16:40
It has started to rain in Umeå, which has caused considerable disruption, especially in traffic.

However, it is still uncertain whether it will start to rain in Skellefteå, according to SMHI.

- It has started to rain in Umeå, but it is uncertain how far north it will reach. The temperature there is around zero. From midnight there may be wet precipitation, but it is uncertain whether it will be rain or mixed snow, says Emma Härenstam, a meteorologist at SMHI.

According to her forecasts, it could start raining in the morning or during the day on Tuesday.

- You are still on the border, but there is a certain probability that it will start to rain in your area tomorrow, says Härenstam.

UPDATE: 14:45
– Just a minute ago, we had 611 customers without power," says Elin Ala, press communicator at Skellefteå Kraft.

– We are actively troubleshooting and working to restore power to customers as soon as possible. The cause of the outage is currently unclear."

There power cuts are in Uttersjöbäck.

UPDATE: 14:05
From 13:30, Trafikverket has been working on the E4 north of Skellefteå to clear snow and prevent ice from forming. At the same time, they warn of drifting snow, slippery roads, blowing snow and drifting snow on the same stretch of road.

They are also warning about conditions on road 95 and Järnvägsleden towards Skelleftehamn. Trafikverket has issued a red warning for these roads.

UPDATE: 12:55
A person has been transported to the hospital by ambulance after an accident on E4 south of Bureå. According to SOS Alarm, a passenger car collided with the front of a snowplow blade on a plow truck.

The accident has caused a complete stoppage in northbound traffic.

UPDATE: 11:30

Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration) has issued a red warning for slippery conditions and very difficult road conditions on the E4 highway between Umeå and Skellefteå. The agency also reports very difficult road conditions between Malå and Norsjö.

Heading north on the E4 towards Lövånger, road conditions are difficult with packed snow and occasional icy patches on the road.

Conditions are also difficult on Järnvägsleden and Burträskvägen.

Red warnings on several roads in the region.

UPDATE: 08:30

During Monday morning, snow will move in from the southwest over southeastern Västerbotten and intensify, according to SMHI.

– It's an extensive snowfall coming from the south over Norrland, with a southerly wind increasing and eventually shifting to the southeast, says Sofia Söderberg, meteorologist at SMHI.

– Especially along the coast of Norrland, there may be heavy snowfall combined with brisk and strong winds. The coast from Örnsköldsvik north to the Umeå area is under an orange warning, she says.

Elsewhere, there are yellow warnings for wind combined with snow along the Norrland coast.

– It will be windy with some snow further inland and in the mountains. It will be windy with snow in the southern parts of the interior and in low-lying areas of the mountains.

The wind will increase to brisk with strong gusts, and both the wind and snowfall will decrease in the evening. Brisk winds combined with heavy snow may cause traffic problems.

Expect 10 to 20 centimeters of fresh snow where the yellow warning is issued, while 15 to 25 centimeters of fresh snow is expected in connection with the orange warning.

The orange warning for the Umeå area is in effect until 20:00 Monday evening, while the yellow warning is in effect until 23:00.

– In the Umeå area there are both larger amounts of snow and stronger winds, so the warning is at a slightly higher level there. Stronger winds and occasional windy conditions are expected there.

The Skellefteå area is somewhat sheltered: although there may be snow and wind, it doesn't reach warning levels yet.

– But both south and north, including the areas around Skellefteå, are part of the warning. In the Skellefteå area, there may be five centimeters, maybe up to seven to eight centimeters, she says.

– It won't have the same impact there, although it can still be challenging with snow and wind.

SMHI has issued several warnings in Västerbotten on Monday, even though the Skellefteå area seems to miss out on the worst weather.

There is uncertainty about how much the temperature will rise in the afternoon and evening, and how much of the precipitation can turn to rain.

There may also be some wet elements as milder air moves in later in the evening. That can lead to a risk of ice, she continues.

- During the evening and overnight into Tuesday, there could be rain showers on cold roads. Especially along the coast, there are indications that there will also be rain episodes inland and along the coast.

In the mountains of southern Lapland, there is a yellow warning for wind combined with snowfall. On the high plateau, strong to very strong southeasterly winds of 17 to 22 meters per second may occur in combination with snowfall. This warning is in effect until 14:00 on Monday.

- In the mountains of Northern Lapland, the wind may reach gale force, while in the mountains of Southern Lapland the risk is not as high, although there will be very strong winds.

Inexperienced visitors are advised not to venture into the mountains, where reduced visibility may make movement and orientation difficult and there is a risk of freezing.

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