Masks no longer needed in healthcare facilties

The region is phasing out face masks for visitors.
The region is phasing out face masks for visitors.

Region Västerbotten announcs that they no longer recommend wearing a face mask when visiting a hospital.

Västerbotten 6 mars 2023 11:11

The decision means that patients no longer need to wear a mask in the waiting room or when they healthcare staff. Nor do healthcare professionals need to use masks when they meet patients, reports VK.

The decision has been taken due to the high vaccination coverage and the fact that the spread of respiratory viruses such as covid-19, influenza and RS has decreased in Västerbotten.

– We have high vaccination coverage among those at risk of becoming seriously ill and we believe the worst peaks of the respiratory virus season are behind us. Therefore, we make the assessment that it is time to remove the recommendation, says Tamara Matti, hygienist at Region Västerbotten in a press release.

However, masks may still be relevant in care units where patients with a high risk of becoming seriously ill are present.

– We monitor the spread of infection closely together with the infection control unit. We know that the situation can change quickly and we need to be prepared to be able to quickly reintroduce masks if necessary, says Matti.


When you visit healthcare facilities, the following applies:

  • Do not visit if you have started to get symptoms of a cold in the last few days.
  • Avoid crowding
  • Have good hand hygiene.

If you have a scheduled visit to healthcare or dental care, it is important that you go to your visit. But if you have symptoms that may indicate covid-19, you should contact the reception and change your appointment. If you are unsure whether your visit can wait, contact reception for an assessment.

Source: Region Västerbotten

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