For sportlov sun, stay close to the coast.

If you're looking for sportlov sun, stay close to the coast.
If you're looking for sportlov sun, stay close to the coast.

Cloudy weather will plague Västerbotten County during large parts of sportlov, according to SMHI's forecast. But there are some chances of sunshine. At the same time, cold weather is expected and there are still no signs of spring weather. – It will be below zero day and night both on the coast and in the mountains, says meteorologist Erik Höjgård Olsen.

Västerbotten 6 mars 2023 15:03

It will be a sunny start to sportlov week  throughout the county, writes VK.

– It will be predominantly sunny weather throughout Monday and the beginning of Tuesday, says meteorologist Erik Höjgård Olsen.

Where are the chances of sun the best?

–The coast. There's likely to be a little cloud but you're more likely to have sun. In the mountains, it may be a little cloudier.

On Tuesday afternoon, the clouds begin to dominate the county in earnest. The forecast also points to snowfall in some places.

– It looks like there will be snowfall in the mountains and inland. Along the coast, a snowfall area is moving in from the south and it is expected to be persistent, says Höjgård Olsen.

On Wednesday, the clouds will move away from the county and during the afternoon some sunshine is expected in large parts of the county. Thursday also begins with sunshine, followed by cloudy weather that continues into the weekend.

– There could be sunny intervals but the clouds will dominate. This applies to Friday, Saturday and Sunday, says Höjgård Olsen.

The temperature during the week is expected to be between 5 and 10 minus degrees during the day. At night, the temperature can drop to minus 20 degrees in parts of the mountains.

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