Black ice warning issued for Monday afternoon

The Swedish weather agency, SMHI, has issued a warning for sudden icy conditions on the roads in Norrbotten's and Västerbotten's inland and coastal areas on Monday.

Västerbotten2023-02-06 09:54

Two yellow weather warnings have been issued for Monday in northern Sweden due to precipitation.There have already been difficult road conditions in many places. According to Lars Knutsson, meteorologist at SMHI, it may be the precipitation that fell this weekend that caused this for motorists.

– The snow that is on roadways can be crushed and become slippery, so it will be quite slippery on the roads, says Knutsson.

Upcoming precipitation in the north may further complicate the traffic situation.

A yellow warning has been issued for sudden icy conditions due to freezing rain in both Norrbotten and Västerbotten during Monday evening. The warning mainly applies to the coast. However, the rainfall area will be fragmented so large local variations are to be expected.

– It's generally minus degrees. It can be freezing rain that falls on cold roads, and even if it is not a large amount, it can still be enough to make it slippery, says Lars Knutsson.

The warning applies between 16.00 and 21.00 on Monday. The icy conditions can mean slower traffic, limited accessibility due to accidents and the risk of delays and cancellations of bus and air traffic 

In the northern Lapland mountains, it is not ice that causes it, but instead strong winds. A yellow warning has been issued here as well and remains in place until Tuesday.

The rainfall combined with snowfall means that the avalanche danger in Vindelfjällen is now assessed as significant, a thre on the five-point scale.

–There has been some snow and it is windy in the mountains. That means the potential for some avalanches, explains Knutsson.