Exploitation of Västerbotten berry pickers rampant

Long working hours, confiscated passports, threats of repercussions. Now, multiple raids have been conducted on the berry industry in northern Sweden, and the deficiencies are often significant, reports SVT News Västerbotten.

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Västerbotten2023-08-30 16:30

Multiple government agencies, the police, the fire department, and inspectors from the municipalities have jointly inspected the berry industry in northern Sweden in several raids. This is reported by SVT News Västerbotten.

The shortcomings are still significant in some places. These include long working hours, confiscated passports and substandard transport vehicles. In the future, the companies may face legal action.

– It can't be that we have people working here 14-20 hours a day, seven days a week, when they come to Sweden with a work permit. It's completely unreasonable, regional coordinator Eva Norlin told SVT.