"We hope for a high vaccination take-up"

Den sjunde november inleds vaccinationerna, men det går att boka tid redan nu.
Den sjunde november inleds vaccinationerna, men det går att boka tid redan nu.

It's now possible to make an appointment for covid-19 and influenza vaccinations in Västerbotten. The vaccinations will start on November 7. Vaccination coordinator Ronny Lestander hopes that the county's residents haven't grown weary of getting vaccinated. "We are hoping for a high vaccination rate, especially among the older population," he says.

Västerbotten 27 oktober 2023 10:56

Last winter, the region reported an early and intense spread of seasonal influenza while covid-19 was also circulating. But how is the vaccination rate this year? VK asked Ronny Lestander, Region Västerbotten's vaccination coordinator.

– We don't really know; the recommended groups are a little smaller than before, but we are hoping for a willingness to be vaccinated, especially among the older population, he says.

After the pandemic, Lestander says, more people have been diligent about getting vaccinated against diseases other than covid-19.

– We've seen a higher willingness to vaccinate throughout the pandemic, but we're a little concerned that people may feel they've been vaccinated so much that they're tired of it. However, we hope to see high vaccination coverage among high-risk groups and the elderly.

Those who book an appointment for both the covid-19 and influenza vaccinations can receive both doses at the same time.

– This is also a significant advantage, being able to vaccinate against both COVID-19 and seasonal influenza at the same time, says Ronny Lestander.

People who are 65 years or older, pregnant or have a medical condition or circumstance that places them in a risk group are recommended to book a free vaccination.

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