New housing proposed for Scharin plot

The Scharin area in Klemensnäs, Ursviken
The Scharin area in Klemensnäs, Ursviken

Should the contaminated Scharin area on the Skellefteå river become a residential area after all? Architects are being asked to accept that challenge in a worldwide architectural competition.

Ursviken 27 mars 2023 15:07

The area of Scharin in Ursviken is named after the wood industry that once existed there. The problem with the timber industry at the time was that it contaminated the land. Several years ago a large clean-up removed the most contaminated but the levels of pollution could not be reduced to the levels that would allow for residential development. and there was talk instead of natural areas, recreation and the like.

Temporary accommodation has been allowed to be built there for more than 800 Northvolt workers only because the buildings have not been dug into the polluted ground.  

But now the municipality of Skellefteå will test whether the land can be built on by becoming involved in a large architectural competition that started on Monday. Architects are to compete with ideas on how to build safely on the land.

The municipality believes that around a thousand new homes can be built, most of them apartments.

The competition will run until 30 June this year, and only architects under 40 may participate.

The competition is called Europe 17 and this year's theme is "Living Cities".

– We have information for the architects on the competition's website, says Linda Bystedt, community strategist at Skellefteå municipality.

- We hope they will find it an exciting challenge, especially as the land has a great location by the river. The challenge is, of course, that there is pollution. But it would be great if something could be done.

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