Five people arrested after shooting in Umeå

Five people have been arrested by the police in connection with an attempted murder that occurred on Monday evening in a courtyard located to the east of Umeå. The announcement was made at 02:35 on Tuesday morning. The incident has left neighbors worried, with Mathias Andersson, a local business owner, expressing concern over the nature of the crime and its proximity to his workplace.

Five people have been arrested for involvement in the attempted murder.

Five people have been arrested for involvement in the attempted murder.

Foto: Per Landfors/VK

Umeå2023-04-18 14:09

According to VK, the individuals have been arrested for attempted murder as well as for involvement in covering up the crime.

"The case will now be handed over to the prosecutor, who will take over the investigation," the police wrote on their website.

The police also announced that they will continue to work on the investigation throughout the night, including examining the crime scene, conducting interviews with suspects, and other efforts to advance the investigation.

At 05:53, the police confirmed that the man who was hospitalized at Norrlands University Hospital with critical injuries on Monday evening had gunshot wounds to his body.

"There is no further information available at this time," the police wrote shortly before 06:00.

Mathias Andersson runs the company Glasmästeriet i Umeå AB right next to the place where the shooting took place and says that the police had been there before.

Mathias Andersson runs the adjacent business, Glasmästeriet i Umeå AB. He stated that he was out having dinner during the incident, but went back to the scene after a friend informed him about the large police presence outside his business.

– Previously, before the tanning salon nearby installed a code lock, some shady characters would come here, but lately it has been quiet, says Mathias Andersson, who also recalls that needles had been found in the area before.

He also remembers that the police had previously cordoned off part of the courtyard about five or six years ago, but he doesn't know what had happened at the time.

– What do you feel about the shooting happening at your workplace? he was asked.

– I don't feel particularly worried, but I wonder what happened, really, he replied.

One of the residents in the apartment buildings on the other side of Hamrinsvägen from the crime scene reported hearing three muffled shots.

"My first thought was that it was three shots, but I thought it was probably something else because that doesn't usually happen in Umeå," said the resident.

The shooting occurred in a courtyard in eastern Umeå.

When the street quickly filled with police cars, the resident understood that it was indeed a shooting.

– I don't feel scared, but it's uncomfortable because you never know if you might get caught in the crossfire, they said.

Another neighbor mentioned being on their way up from the laundry room when the street filled with blue lights.

– It was only a matter of time before something like this happened here too. The police come to the courtyard now and then," said the neighbor.

As of late Monday evening, the police were still working at the crime scene. They also went door-to-door in the area to gather more witness statements. A police helicopter also participated in the operation before nightfall.

Update 09:55

The Public Prosecution Office in Umeå reports that two individuals have been detained on suspicion of attempted murder, and three individuals have been detained on suspicion of involvement in covering up the crime.

All five were arrested and detained overnight.