The police made an unexpected find in Pringles tube

The drugs were stored in Pringles tubes
The drugs were stored in Pringles tubes

When a man in his 20s was brought in for questioning, the police found large quantities of drugs in his home - including in a Pringles tube. Now he is accused of serious drug offenses and violations of the Weapons Act.

Umeå 7 mars 2023 16:42

It was in January that a police patrol paid a visit to the Umeå apartment where the young man lived. He was to be brought in for questioning in relation to a now closed investigation into attempted extortion. The police seized his mobile phone, after which they carried out a search of the apartment, according to VK

The officers had obtained a master key to gain entry. The suspect was found sleeping in the home. The officers smelled a strong aroma of cannabis in the bedroom, which led to a more thorough search of the house together with, among other things, a police sniffer dog.

After a while, the dog handler announced that the dog had hit the jackpot.

In total, the police found just under a kilo of cannabis and 359 grams of amphetamine in the home. Some of the cannabis was packaged in a bag stuffed inside an empty Pringles tube.

The drugs were stored in Pringles tubes

During the house search, four 9 millimeter bullets and over 30,000 kroner in cash were also found. A scale with cannabis residue and a vacuum packaging machine were also confiscated.

The man now charged said that he had bought the cannabis from a person and that the amphetamine just "happened" to be included.

– When I met the person, I just took the bag and when I got home, only then did I see this at the bottom of the bag. Had I known it was amphetamine, I would have returned it, the man said.

He went on to say that he had found the ammunition and had withdrawn the cash from his own account.

When the police went through the man's mobile phone, conversations in encrypted chat apps were found with information about various drug preparations and prices.

– I still stand by what I said earlier. I don't sell drugs, the man replied.

Prosecutor Anders Norberg, who charged the man with suspected serious drug offenses and weapons offences, is of a different opinion.

– There are aspects of the investigation that indicate sales. And the quantities suggest the drugs were not for personal use.

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