Suspected attempted murder in Skelleftehamn

A suspected attempted murder took place in Skelleftehamn on Saturday. Two people have been arrested and police are working to gather more information. There have been several incidents of serious crime in the area recently, according to reports to Norran.

Mordförsöket har inträffat i närheten av polisstationen i Skelleftehamn.

Mordförsöket har inträffat i närheten av polisstationen i Skelleftehamn.

Foto: Victor Svenfelt

Skelleftehamn2023-08-14 14:22

On Saturday at 18:30 police were called to an address in Skelleftehamn. Two people were arrested. They were detained on suspicion of attempted murder.

An eyewitness to Saturday's incident tells Norran that there was a large police operation with several cars. An apartment was cordoned off for several hours.

The two suspects, a man and a woman aged 35, are now in custody in Skellefteå.

Police have been tight-lipped about what happened.

Both the man and the woman have been questioned by the police, and they have both asked to be assigned public defenders.

–The case is classified as a serious crime. In that case, mandatory detention applies, says Johann Kristiansson of Skellefteå police.

Witnesses have told Norran, there was a large police operation on the same street early last week, with several police cars on the scene and drones in the air.

Local police confirm that there has been increased police activity in the area recently.

– It affects the central parts of Skelleftehamn, especially in the last two weeks. There are a number of ongoing investigations. There are suspicions of more serious crimes, says police inspector Mattias Wallström.