Popular restaurant's premises up for sale

The premises of the well-known restaurant, Din Fest, in Skelleftehamn are on the market. Kicki Bridges, who operates the restaurant alongside her husband Ian Bridges, explains that they wish to redirect their efforts elsewhere. "We're not getting any younger, and it takes good health and stamina to run a restaurant," she says.

Foto: Donna Richmond

Skelleftehamn2023-05-03 15:51

Din Fest has two locations in Skellefteå: one in the Campus area and the other on St. Örjansvägen in Skelleftehamn. The Skelleftehamn premises are now for sale, as first reported by Megafonen.

– Sometimes you have to scale back to cope. We're not doing the establishment justice at the moment. People often come here and ask if we have events like pub nights. As it is now, we're working 60 hours a week. It's too much, and our bodies are telling us to slow down, explains Kicki, continuing:

– It would be fantastic if someone took over the premises who wants to run a similar business. It's in a prime location in Skelleftehamn.

One of the couple's restaurants is located on St. Örjansvägen in Skelleftehamn.

Are there any interested parties?

– Yes, there are, but nothing is finalized yet.

Kicki admits that the decision to sell the premises comes with a touch of sadness for the couple.

– It hasn't been an easy decision. It's our baby, our life's work, she says.

The couple won't close the restaurant until the property is sold, although the exact timeline for this remains uncertain.

Kicki and Ian had previously planned to expand the Skelleftehamn property by adding apartments on the upper floor. Kicki hopes that the future property owners will pursue those plans.

– We've received a positive preliminary response from the municipality to build three floors up. However, we haven't applied for a building permit yet, she says.

The couple will continue to operate Din Fest in the Campus area.