Fire on balcony in Skelleftehamn

On Friday morning, a fire started on a balcony in Skelleftehamn. "It has burned quite fiercely," says Jonas Edberg, internal commander at the rescue service.

A fire broke out on a balcony in Skelleftehamn on Friday morning.

A fire broke out on a balcony in Skelleftehamn on Friday morning.

Foto: Peter Krikortz

Skelleftehamn2023-02-24 10:05

The alarm was received by SOS call at 07.11. 

According to Jonas Edberg, there was a fire on a balcony.

– It burned with flames, he says.

Ambulance and a handful of vehicles from the rescue service in Skellefteå and Skelleftehamn were called to the scene.

–At most there have been six vehicles on site - now there are maybe four left, said Jonas Edberg shortly after 8am.

The emergency services are in the process of ensuring that there is no risk of the fire spreading.

– Among other things, they are tearing down the panel adajcent to the balcony to ensure that there are no embers inside the panel.

Emergency services responded with several units. An ambulance was also called, but no one was taken to hospital.

Some smoke must have spread into the apartment, but according to Edberg, it currently looks like smoke has not spread to the attic or other apartments.

– It doesn't seem like it, but we are knocking on doors to check that the smoke has not spread. Residents are welcome to stay in their apartments until we are done.

In addition to the emergency services, an ambulance was also called to the scene, but no one was taken to hospital.

Update 08.51:

The rescue service remains at the scene with three units, according to the emergency operator.

- Among other things, they are working on ventilation. According to information we have received, the emergency services will remain at the scene for a while longer, says the operator.

Update 09.16:

The police will investigate the fire. On their website, the police write that the cause of the fire is unclear and that the site is cordoned off for a technical investigation.

The fire is being investigated as an endangerment to the public.