"Big Steve" has become a father: "I feel blessed"

Stephen Babb and Kerstin Maydotter Babb had a son on November 1.
Stephen Babb and Kerstin Maydotter Babb had a son on November 1.

Just over a week has passed since 54-year-old Stephen Babb, better known as "Big Steve", became a father for the first time. ”It feels absolutely fantastic. The only thing I regret is that I didn't have children earlier”, he says.

Skellefteå 21 december 2022 10:00

I knock on the door of the yellow villa on Morö Backe. Stephen Babb comes and opens the door with a big smile on his face. By his side he has a bull terrier who greets me happily. In the living room, Stephen’s wife Kerstin sits breastfeeding their newborn son.

The family is cocooned in the snug newborn baby bubble and the whole house vibrates with warmth and happiness on this sunny autumn day in November.

Stephen Babb, better known as "Big Steve", is happy to celebrate his first Father's Day as a father.

When Stephen arrived in Skellefteå from England 15 years ago he only meant to stay for a while. But then "Big Steve", as he became known, made a name for himself through his YouTube channel, with his most famous clip, "How to make gold", racking up more than 3 million views.

Ten years ago, his YouTube career peaked. Since then, he has not posted any more videos, but the channel still has almost 100,000 subscribers.

– I had to get a real job. When the channel reached 100,000 subscribers, I felt that I had reached my goal and wanted to move on, says Stephen, who today works at Northvolt.

The son has not been given a name and so far he is called "Baby Babb".

It was his love for Kerstin that made him stay in Skellefteå - nine years ago they became a couple.

– Kerstin was difficult to woo. We had coffee together often over a period of a year before we got together, says Stephen and laughs.

Finally he won her heart and three years ago they were married in a big wedding.

Last week he became the father of his first child. Together with his wife Kerstin, he had a son whom they still call "Baby Babb".

– We have to decide on a name soon, he says and laughs.

On November 1, the long-awaited "Baby Babb" was born, a week after his expected birthday.

He says that the first days as a father were wonderful.

– It's so cool that we created this child. He has my nose, my ears and my big feet and hands. Everything, from the time we created the baby to when he was born, was absolutely amazing. It has been an exciting journey.

Kerstin has three children from a previous relationship, so Stephen has been a bonus dad. Now Stephen gets to celebrate his very first Father's Day as a biological father.

The only thing 54-year-old Stephen Babb regrets is not having children sooner.

How will you celebrate your first Father's Day as a dad?

– I think for the first ten years it will be Kerstin who buys me presents and greeting cards. Maybe there will be sandwich cake and princess cake. Then maybe I'll sit down with my son and watch football on TV.

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