Wolt's Skellefteå initiative: Feeding the future

The delivery company Wolt launches in Skellefteå today, Wednesday, March 20. They've already revealed a list of restaurants, stores, and delivery areas.

Johan Grönvall is the CEO of Wolt. ”We have been welcomed by the cities here in the north,” he says.

Johan Grönvall is the CEO of Wolt. ”We have been welcomed by the cities here in the north,” he says.

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Skellefteå2024-03-20 09:00

Wolt, the popular delivery company, is expanding its reach by launching operations in Skellefteå today, Wednesday, March 20. 

CEO Johan Grönvall explains the decision:

– Skellefteå stood out as a perfect expansion city. The city is experiencing strong growth, partly fueled by Northvolt's presence. We want to contribute to this positive development.

Wolt has already been busy in Skellefteå, meeting with shops and restaurants, and recruiting delivery partners. The initial launch will see a team of 30 couriers bringing orders to customers.

– Most restaurants and shops in the city are excited to join our platform, says Grönvall. 

– We'll offer a great selection, including popular restaurants, grocery stores, candy shops, cafes, and even florists.

Here is Wolt's Skellefteå delivery area.

Customers can expect familiar names like Tatung, Korvgubben, Hälsobaren, Subways, Candy'z, Stigs konditori, and a couple of ICA stores.

– These are just a few of our many partners. We've been warmly welcomed by northern cities, and we're thrilled to establish ourselves here.

Grönvall acknowledges the positive impact of delivery services like Wolt on the local economy, especially during the pandemic.

– Our industry played a crucial role. We helped many restaurants stay afloat by offering them access to a wider customer base across the entire city.

He adds:

– The Skellefteå restaurant scene seems energetic and open to new ideas. The city has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which is great to see.