New restaurant opens in central Skellefteå

Masood Taha opens his new restaurant, King BBQ, on November 1. It was originally planned for February, but things took longer than expected. "But now everything is ready," he says.

Masood Taha äger King BBQ. "Men jag kommer inte jobba här, bara äta", säger han.

Masood Taha äger King BBQ. "Men jag kommer inte jobba här, bara äta", säger han.

Foto: Victor Svenfelt

Skellefteå2023-10-30 14:26

New furniture and equipment are in place at the new restaurant on Stationsgatan in downtown Skellefteå.

– Everything is ready, and I could have opened tomorrow. But it's better to wait until November 1, says owner Masood Taha.

Inside you'll find high stools with a table around the edges of the space. The counter with TV screens separates the room from the kitchen, and next to it is a staircase leading up to a loft.

He won't be working in the restaurant himself, but he's hired seven cooks.

– We were supposed to open in February, but that didn't happen. But now everything is ready, and it feels great to open in a few days.

The menu will include various types of kebabs, quzi, kubba, as well as regular grill items such as shawarma, falafel, pizza, and hamburgers. Soups will also be available.

– Much of this food is not available in Skellefteå. For example, we will have six different kinds of kubba, a dish that originated in Iraq, says Taha.

"Mycket av den här maten finns inte i Skellefteå", säger Masood Taha.

Both gas and charcoal grills will be used for cooking.

– It tastes much better when you use a charcoal grill.

The new equipment sparkles in the kitchen.

– I don't really know how much money I've spent on this. It's been very expensive, but I wanted to start it with my own money.

The restaurant has an upper floor with seating for 26 people. There's a small window, and a green string of lights runs through the room.

– In total, around 35 people can fit inside.

På den övre våningen finns det plats för 26 personer, berättar Taha.

King BBQ will deliver the food itself.

– It should be fast, and you should be able to get hot food.

On weekends, they will be open at night after the bars close.

– I've seen people gather here on weekends after coming out of one of the nightclubs. A lot of restaurants are closed then, but we want to be open so they can order food here.

Taha has owned a restaurant before, in Norway. He has had plans for this location for several years; previously there was a sushi restaurant here.

– We have put a lot of time and effort into this. I'm doing my best and I hope it will work out. It will be something new for Skellefteå.                                                                                                         

"Alla ska kunna äta här", säger Masood Taha.
"Alla ska kunna äta här", säger Masood Taha.
What's a quzi?

Quzi: An Iraqi dish that includes rice and lamb shanks. It is often served with nuts, raisins, potatoes, and eggs.

Source: 196flavors.

Kubba: Another Iraqi dish. These are fried dumplings made with rice and filled with minced meat. Kubba must be frozen before frying, or else it will disintegrate during frying.

Source: Zeinas kitchen.