Weekend drama: fires, crashes, unsafe bridges – and a cat rescue

Skellefteå and its surrounding areas faced a whirlwind of emergencies this past weekend. Emergency services were stretched thin, responding to a multitude of incidents – from traffic accidents and loud music to fires and even a cat trapped behind a bookshelf.

A large grass fire broke out in Ljusvattnet. 13 units were dispatched to the scene.

A large grass fire broke out in Ljusvattnet. 13 units were dispatched to the scene.

Foto: Privat

Skellefteå2024-05-20 11:30

Here's a more detailed breakdown of the eventful weekend for Skellefteå's emergency services:

Traffic collisions:

  • A bicycle accident occurred in Klutmark on Friday evening around 17:00. One person sustained minor or moderate injuries and was taken to hospital by ambulance.
  • A suspected drink-driving incident took place on the E4 highway during the night leading into Saturday. A woman in her 30s was apprehended by the police for a DUI test.
  • Another traffic accident involving a truck occurred near Båtvik outside Byske on Sunday morning just before 07:30. The truck collided with the center guardrail and flipped onto its side, causing traffic delays during the rescue and towing operations.

Fire emergencies:

  • A car fire erupted in a parking lot located in Solbacken on Friday evening. Fortunately, the fire did not ignite while the vehicle was being driven. Photos from the scene suggest the fire originated in the hood of the car.
A car caught fire on Solbacken.
  • A large grass fire broke out in Ljusvattnet on Saturday around noon. The fire spread rapidly across a field and threatened a nearby barn before firefighters arrived. A total of 13 fire and rescue units were dispatched to extinguish the blaze. The police filed a report citing public negligence as a possible cause.

Other incidents:

  • The Lax Bridge in Byske was forced to close on Friday due to significant damage to its support cables. The closure, announced by Skellefteå municipality, remains in effect until further notice.
A damaged bridge has been closed in Byske.
  • A report came into SOS Alarm on Friday evening regarding a hazardous spill in the city center. The culprit was a car leaking oil. The rescue service responded by deploying absorbent material to contain the spill.
  • Loud music complaints plagued Erikslid residents throughout Saturday night. Calls were made to the police regarding a car reportedly playing music at an excessively high volume.
  • A routine traffic control conducted on Skelleftehamnsvägen on Saturday morning resulted in breathalyzer tests for eleven drivers. Thankfully, all tests returned negative for alcohol impairment.
  • A weather warning regarding a high to very high risk of grass fires was issued for the Norran area over the weekend. This warning stemmed from concerns about the flammability of dry grass left over from the previous year. Residents were urged to exercise extreme caution when engaging in any burning activities.
  • A dramatic situation unfolded in Piteå on Saturday afternoon when a man wielding a weapon was apprehended by police. Loud bangs emanating from a residence prompted the dispatch of several police patrols to the scene.
  • During the night leading into Sunday, police officers were called upon to address multiple complaints regarding vehicles playing loud music, this time on Kanalgatan. The noise reportedly disrupted residents' sleep.
  • A traffic stop on Sunday resulted in a fine issued for a seatbelt violation. The same stop also led to the identification of a man suspected of possessing drugs.
  • And finally, a heartwarming rescue unfolded on Sunday morning when SOS Alarm received a call for assistance in retrieving a cattrapped behind a bookshelf in a Skellefteå residence.
The grass fire spread to a nearby barn.