Skellefteå spends 45 million kronor on cabins

Skellefteå Camping is taking a bold step to address the housing shortage with a unique venture: 18 new cabins designed primarily for temporary accommodation of new residents. The cost will be 45 million kronor.

A designated area on the campsite where 18 new cabins are planned to be built. The E4 highway is located to the right.

A designated area on the campsite where 18 new cabins are planned to be built. The E4 highway is located to the right.

Foto: Gerth Hedberg

Skellefteå2024-03-21 12:28

– This initiative aims to provide a bridge solution during periods of urgent housing demand, explains Fredrik Nilsson, Skellefteå municipality's property manager.

Construction of the cabins will take place throughout 2024 and 2025 in the southeastern portion of the campsite, facing the E4 highway.

Fredrik Nilsson, property manager, says that there are plans to build 18 cabins that will be used as temporary housing. They will be located at Skellefteå Camping.

–These well-insulated cabins will feature district heating for year-round comfort, Nilsson says. 

– Sixteen cabins will be 65 square meters, while two will be larger, measuring 68 square meters.

For added convenience, the cabins will be fully furnished for rent. The total investment for this project is estimated at 45 million kronor.

– These cabins are intended for short-term stays,"Nilsson clarifies.

– New arrivals often require time to explore the area and determine their preferred permanent location. The cabins offer a comfortable temporary solution while they search.

Ideally, residents will use the cabins for a maximum of three months.

– During the summer months, these cabins may also be available for rent to traditional camping guests, Nilsson adds.

The location where the cabins will be built is on the campsite road closest to the E4 highway. Turn right immediately at the entrance.

The site currently houses seven cabins.

– These existing cabins lack winter insulation and will be relocated to another area within the campsite, Nilsson explains.

Following approval by the municipal council, the project is expected to move swiftly.

– We hope to begin groundwork by early May,"Nilsson says.

– Our goal is to have the first cabins ready for occupancy by year-end, with the remaining units completed next year.

Is it not a concern that the cabins will be too close to E4?

– We've collaborated with the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket), Nilsson assures. 

– Initially, we planned for 19 cabins, but one was too close to the E4, so we adjusted the design to exclude it.