"Big kudos to everyone involved"

Kalle Viklund was project manager for Winter Swim 2023 in Skellefteå. He pays tribute to everyone who contributed: "A celebration without equal".

The Northvolt team.

The Northvolt team.

Foto: Donna Richmond

Skellefteå2023-02-13 11:37

Viklund also said that everything about the winter swimming was great fun, that everything flowed well and that, in addition, the number of starts for 2023 was a record number.

The various competition attracted participants from 17 countries, 45 teams took part in the relays and there was a total of 453 starts on Saturday.

Kalle Viklund added that the after party at the Wood Hotel in Sara kulturhus was sold-out and says that the events on Friday attracted more participants than in previous years.

– The collaboration with Wood Hotel worked excellently and there was a wonderful award ceremony, warm atmosphere and food served under the open sky. We wanted it to fit with the darkness and cold them. It was perhaps a little too cold because it was windy, but it was a great atmosphere.

For Viklund, it is his first time as project manager for the icy event, but he hopes there will be more:

– It has been a pleasure to be project manager and I hope it is not the last time. We are going to have a follow-up meeting and already the feedback has been very favorable.

The Scandinavian Winter Swimming Championships in Skellefteå have also been praised by the International Winter Swimming Association, something which pleases Kalle. He says that everyone who contributed to this year's Winter Swim should feel proud.

Mats Wahlberg is chairman of the organizing association The Happy Friends of Cold and Darkness. When asked if there will be a Winter Swim 2024, he says:

– We haven't made the decision yet, but the important thing is to bring in new people and new blood.

Are you satisfied with the number of competitors this year?

– We have to be, and the fact that there were swimmers from several different countries that participated is also fantastic!

The 2023 Winter Swim was a complete success. File photo: Norran.
The 2023 Winter Swim was a complete success. File photo: Norran.