Second hand surprise - frozen fingers mystery solved

A puzzling discovery at the Degermyran recycling center in Skellefteå has been explained. Last week, staff found a glass jar containing what appeared to be a human hand, initially frozen solid. After thawing, concerns arose, prompting police involvement.

Not a real hand...

Not a real hand...

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Skellefteå2024-02-19 16:30

The mystery was recently resolved after Magnus Sjöström, 49, contacted Aftonbladet. He claims the hand is likely his handiwork from around 2010.

– If there isn't another hand in the jar, it's probably mine, Sjöström told Aftonbladet.

He explained his involvement with the "film prop" during his time with the Aktiv Ungdom association in Skellefteå. Using a cast of a volunteer's hand, he created a special effects "zombie hand" with latex and paint. The finished prop ended up in a jar on the association's shelf until a recent relocation.

The jar ended up at the recycling center, and with staff thinking it was a real hand, it understandably raised alarms. The incident reached the serious crimes division before Sjöström, alerted by news reports, contacted the police to clarify the situation.

While relieved the misunderstanding was resolved, Sjöström acknowledges the potential concern caused to recycling center staff.

– The resemblance is indeed striking, so I can understand why someone might mistake it for a real hand at first glance. Especially considering it's been in a jar for a while and likely deteriorated further.

– However, what baffles me is the lack of critical thinking. Why would a real hand be submerged in liquid and then discarded at a recycling center?

Återvinningscentralen. Archive image.
Återvinningscentralen. Archive image.