Unexpected snow and ice on the roads

The first, unexpectedly heavy, snow has fallen over Skellefteå. Today roads were slippery, and both the emergency services and tire changers expect to be busy in the coming days.

Heavy snow was not expected.

Heavy snow was not expected.

Foto: Janerik Henriksson/TT

Skellefteå2023-10-07 19:16

The first snow fell on Friday. On the same day, three traffic accidents occurred in northern Västerbotten. The fire department said that snow and slush may have been a factor in at least two of the accidents. Oliver Sjöström from Räddningscentral Nord (Northern Rescue Center) says they are on alert for the weekend.

– We are prepared, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that nothing happens. The later in the day we get, the better. We are aware that the roads may be slippery, he says.

He advises drivers to be aware of the weather.

The roads in the region will be icy.

At Skellefteås Gummiverkstad, where they change tires from summer to winter, they are preparing for Monday.

– It will be the worst day of the year; it's always chaotic when the first snow arrives, says Niklas Karlsson.

– The snow was a surprise for all of us, he says.

– It is unfortunate that it came all at once. We just have to deal with it and prepare for Monday.

– The snow came unusually early this year, he says.

– We try to tell everyone to change their tires in time, but it doesn't always help.

Meanwhile, later on Saturday, Trafikverket issued warnings that some roads in the Skellefteå region may be icy and urged drivers to be extra careful. 

On the E4 between Skellefteå and the county border to Norrbotten there is a risk of ice. The same applies south along the E4 from Skellefteå down to Lövånger.

There is a risk of icy conditions along road 372 out to Skelleftehamn. The same applies to road 95 between Skellefteå and Glommersträsk and road 364 to Botsmark. 

Further inland, Trafikverket warns of slippery road surfaces on road 370 between Boliden and Holmfors, as well as road 365 between Glommersträsk and Rusksele.