The municipality buys condominiums – and rents them out

Skellefteå municipality is going to buy new condominiums.
Skellefteå municipality is going to buy new condominiums.

Skellefteå municipality enters the real estate market and will buy condominiums in parallel with Skebo. The municipality is investing 50 million kronor. "The idea is to buy 20-25 apartments," says council member Lorents Burman (S).

Skellefteå 25 januari 2024 11:13

The background to the decision by the city council's working committee is the significant social change taking place in Skellefteå. Put simply, more housing is needed.

–We do not have unemployment in Skellefteå, but we need people to move here, and housing is the key, says Kristina Sundin Jonsson.

The apartments will be purchased and then rented out by the municipality.

Evelina Fahlesson (S), municipal councilor, hopes that more people can start building as the municipality buys condominiums.

– Housing and skills are two major challenges for the community. We will provide housing for our employees in the municipality, which will also lead to more housing projects. We know that several private builders are struggling to pre-sell the number of condominiums needed to start construction, says Evelina Fahlesson (S).

Most banks and financiers require that 50 percent of condominiums be sold before construction begins.

Is the idea to buy now and sell later?

– We'll see what the market looks like, but right now it's about finding housing in the short term to increase migration, says Sundin Jonsson.

– It is not a long-term solution for Skellefteå to have its own stock of apartments, says Lorents Burman.

Housing is the key for Skellefteå, according to the municipal director, Kristina Sundin Jonsson.

The municipality also hopes to inspire others.

– We are in dialog with the business community and hope that other companies can also find similar solutions, says Sundin Jonsson.

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