Small fire found in shaft at Skellefteå hospital

Fire alarm at Skellefteå hospital.
Fire alarm at Skellefteå hospital.

Small fire found - emergency services say 'under control'

Skellefteå 9 mars 2023 14:42

The alarm came in at 12:15 on Thursday.

Update 12.38:

Three units from the rescue service have arrived.

–They smell some kind of smoke so they are searching all floors, says SOS Alarm.

No smoke is visible from the outside, reports Peter Krikortz, Norran's reporter on the spot.

Update 13.16:

The rescue service is ready on site. They checked with a thermal imaging camera and found nothing. The smell of smoke has subsided in the meantime.

Update 14.17:

A new alarm has come in about the smell of smoke at Skellefteå hospital.

Update 14.24:

Andre Wahlberg, rescue service Skellefteå:

– We have smoke coming from a fan room, so we are inside now and checking what could be causing it.

Update 14.29:

Our reporter Hampus Berglund Svensson is on site and has walked around the premises and has smelled smoke.

Update 14.33:

The emergency services have now entered the laboratory medicine department. There is definitely some smoke-like smell there according to our reporter on site.

Update 14.50:

Andre Wahlberg, rescue service Skellefteå:

– There is a channel that runs through the entire wall, from the bottom to the top, where there has been some kind of heat development. It's very quiet right now. But we're going to try to find out more and use some water so we can stop this.

Update 14.52:

The police have been at the scene but have now left.

Update 14.57:

According to the emergency services, no evacuation is currently in progress. They hope the situation will be dealt with in one to two hours.

Update 16.43:

Region Västerbotten announces that Skellefteå hospital has gone into reinforcement mode after a fire. At the moment, no evacuation is being carried out, but preparations for a possible evacuation are underway.

Update 16.46:

SOS Alarm announces that the rescue service has located a small fire in a shaft. They are now driving into the concrete to get at the fire to soak it with water.

Update 17.20:

Region Västerbotten has announced that the Skellefteå hospital is now on staff mode as the emergency services have assessed the situation as under control. No evacuation preparations are being made. However, due to the current situation, it has been decided that there will be no visitors allowed at the hospital for the rest of the day.


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