Skellefteå's new landmark on the way

To the left, a facade drawing from the construction documents, and to the right, a sketch of how the house should look
To the left, a facade drawing from the construction documents, and to the right, a sketch of how the house should look

A building permit has now been applied for for a landmark building to be constructed on the riverfront in the center of Skellefteå.

Skellefteå 13 februari 2024 17:30

Plans are underway for a new building that could become a notable addition to the city's landscape.

Located near Forumhuset on the campus and visible from Viktoriabron, the Arctic Center of Energy is currently in the approval process and requires a shoreline protection permit due to its proximity to the river. The design includes a staircase connecting the building to the promenade.

The building, to be called the Arctic Center of Energy, is proposed to be 8,303 square meters on seven floors. Its primary purpose is to serve as a center for future energy solutions and provide space for research, education, and offices.

The building's foundation is proposed to be a strong piled concrete base, coupled with a laminated wood frame and a wood panel exterior. Notably, a portion of the building materials will be derived from recycled sources to emphasize sustainability.

A muted gray color palette will define the look of the Arctic Center, applied to both the exterior panels and the wood elements. An emphasis on fire safety will include a comprehensive sprinkler system throughout the building.

As the project progresses through the approval stages, the Arctic Center of Energy will be closely watched in Skellefteå for its potential impact on the city's architectural character, reflecting a blend of innovation and environmental awareness.

From the construction documents, the facade viewed from various angles.

Given its commitment to energy, the building will be designed with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency.

The intention is to achieve Gold level certification as an environmentally friendly structure, with a commitment to zero carbon dioxide emissions. The heating system will be facilitated by district heating.

In terms of fenestration, the house will incorporate standard triple glazed windows. In addition, there will be significant glass sections similar to those found in Sara kulturhus. This design includes double rows of windows with air gaps in between, resulting in a total of four layers of glass in the largest glass areas on the basement, entrance and top floors.

Skellefteå municipality will oversee the construction of the building, which will cost an estimated 360 million kronor. Peab has been appointed as the general contractor, and construction is scheduled to begin next spring.

Here you can see how the building is placed right on the riverfront, and there is a plan for stairs down to the path along the river. To the right is the Forumhuset, and down to the left is the sports hall.

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