Skellefteå unveils winning design for new travel center

"Utblick över hjortronlandet" (A View Over Cloudberry Country) has been selected as the winning proposal in the design competition for Skellefteå's new travel center.

This is the winning design.

This is the winning design.

Foto: Artist's impression

Skellefteå2024-04-30 16:45

–The proposal fits very well on the site next to Sara kulturhus and has good travel possibilities. It also has good areas for parks and terraces, says Emma Johansson, project manager at Skellefteå Municipality.

The winning proposal was unveiled at Vana Spa, on the 20th floor of the Wood Hotel.

The winning entry, "Utblick över hjortronlandet," was developed by a team consisting of C.F. Møller Sverige, Nordmark & Nordmark, WSP, and Bjerking. A jury selected the winner.

This is the winning design.

– A total of 49 teams initially expressed interest in competing for the design. Following a rigorous selection process, we narrowed the field down to four finalists. These finalists were then tasked with developing detailed proposals. All four delivered rich and comprehensive proposals, says Johansson, who was also the jury chair.

The winning team includes the local architectural firm Nordmark & Nordmark.

– Our design approach prioritized the travel center's role as the first point of contact for many out-of-town visitors. Local integration was thus a key consideration. We aimed to capture the city's essence while also creating a distinctly Nordic travel experience. Additionally, extensive logistical planning ensured optimal functionality on the site, says Josefina Nordmark, CEO of Nordmark & Nordmark.