Plan for Morö Backe residential area approved

The detailed plan for the large residential area in Morö Backe has now been approved. It allows for the construction of new houses, townhouses, and apartment blocks.

Apartments at Morö Backe.

Apartments at Morö Backe.

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Skellefteå2023-10-26 14:45

The area will be in the northeastern part of Morö Backe, where Svedjevägen makes a sharp turn.

There have already been protests from neighbors who are worried that trees are already disappearing. They want to preserve a curtain of trees against the new development, arguing that trees absorb water, which is beneficial as there are problems with waterlogged soil.

The neighbors are also concerned about a large ditch that should not be altered because it helps with drainage.

The residential area has now been moved slightly to the east, but not too far, because there is a stream there. Also, they do not want the development to be too close to the nearby riding school. The plans have also been altered to ensure that the wooded area should remain natural and not turned into a park. It has also been promised that the ditch will not be disturbed.

This is how the new area is planned to be arranged. The red-brown houses are new. The large building at the bottom left is a preschool.

Geotechnical surveys have found heavy metals in the topsoil, probably from airborne sources. There are a few instances of arsenic and lead that exceed residential standards. However, the amounts are so small that the environmental department believes it is sufficient to scrape off the top layer, which can then be used for a sledding hill or the like. There is no need to transport the soil to a landfill.

The city's roads department was concerned that the number of visitor parking spaces would be too small for the townhouses and apartment buildings. This could lead to visitors parking on the street. Therefore, it was decided that the roads department would be involved in the ongoing work.

Lastly, a preschool may be built at the southern end of the development.

The plan.
The plan.