TikTok blocked on municipal service mobiles

Tiktok is to be deleted from work mobile phones and service tablets within Skellefteå municipality. The app will be blocked from Friday next week.

Skellefteå 20 april 2023 14:58

Skellefteå municipality has announced that the Chinese social media app TikTok will be deleted and blocked as a security measure. According to the municipality's security council, TikTok is deemed a "security risk" due to its collection of large amounts of user data, and it is unclear in whose hands the collected information may end up.

Magnus Hjonequist, the IT service manager at Skellefteå municipality, stated in the press release that, "Just like many other Swedish municipalities, authorities, and companies, we have chosen to take this precautionary measure simply to minimize the risk of information falling into the wrong hands."

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