Bryggeriet: new bar to focus on fostering community

A new watering hole for beer and spirits enthusiasts is opening its doors today in central Skellefteå. Bryggeriet, housed in Grannen's existing bar, adjacent to Stadskällaren restaurant on Storgatan, will offer a casual atmosphere for walk-in guests, especially newcomers.

Markus Richtmann operates Stadskällaren, which now opens the bar Bryggeriet.

Markus Richtmann operates Stadskällaren, which now opens the bar Bryggeriet.

Foto: Arkivbild: Lars Eriksson

Skellefteå2024-03-14 12:30

– We're excited to try this new concept, says Markus Richtmann, co-owner of both Stadskällaren and Bryggeriet. 

 – Stadskällaren is often fully booked, and we felt there was a need for a more casual space. Bryggeriet will provide a perfect complement for those looking to simply drop in for a drink.

Bryggeriet isn't just about convenience – it boasts a unique beverage selection. Patrons can expect to enjoy a variety of house-brewed beers, some served directly from the brewery tanks. For spirits lovers, the bar will exclusively feature offerings from Kurjovikens Bränneri, who will also be crafting bespoke liqueurs and vodkas specifically for Bryggeriet.

 – We wanted to offer something truly special, Richtmann explains.

 – Partnering with Kurjoviken allows us to present unique, locally-sourced spirits.

To cater to both thirsty and hungry visitors, Bryggeriet will offer a "hearty bar menu" featuring simple food options.

Looking beyond beverages and bites, Bryggeriet aims to foster a sense of community. A new initiative called "Social Thursday" will encourage interaction between newcomers and established residents. 

Richtmann, having observed an influx of international guests in Skellefteå's pubs, hopes Bryggeriet can bridge the gap. 

– Integration can be challenging. We envision Bryggeriet as a welcoming space where internationals new to Skellefteå can strike up conversations and build connections.