Iconic Skellefteå restaurant Rustique listed for sale

The Rustique restaurant, acclaimed as one of Skellefteå's top restaurants, has been put up for sale. CEO Nadia Wallmark reveals, "Of course it's sad and incredibly hard."

Nadia Wallmark is part-owner and CEO for Rustique. Archive photo.

Nadia Wallmark is part-owner and CEO for Rustique. Archive photo.

Foto: Privat

Skellefteå2023-12-04 14:10

Restaurant Rustique has been located on the Skellefteå River for five years. Now CEO Nadia Wallmark announces that it's for sale, something Megafonen (link in Swedish) was the first to report.

– That's right. There's been some discussion about whether the whole restaurant will be sold or what will happen. It depends on the circumstances. The important thing is to find the right person to buy it.

Changes in her life have led her to reprioritize.

– From my perspective, a lot has happened in my life. It's been five years since Rustique started, and a lot has changed. I don't feel like I'm the right person in the right place anymore.

She continues:

– I want to see the company continue to grow and thrive. That requires new blood, more time, love and commitment.

Putting the restaurant up for sale feels bittersweet, she says.

– It's like your little baby. Of course it's sad and incredibly hard. But right now, I have to prioritize the staff and the restaurant.

– There will be no changes at this time, she says.

– We will continue to operate in the same way. The future will determine the setup, but it's not like we're going to lie down and give up. We will keep going.

The restaurant has already attracted interest, Wallmark says.