Residents shocked by the event: ”It’s awful”

Hörnellgatan was cordoned off between Storgatan and Strandgatan all of Tuesday morning. ”It's awful what's happened”, says a resident Norran spoke with. ”I was chocked, I think it's really terrible”, says a young woman walking past the crime scene.

A large area around Hörnellgatan blocked off by police cordon.

A large area around Hörnellgatan blocked off by police cordon.

Foto: Victor Svenfelt

Skellefteå2024-03-06 11:04

The street was blocked from the east entrance of the town hall up to Guldstadsgymnasiet on the other side. Home care staff and people on their way to work have been stopped by the police cordon.

Lina Lidström is employed by the council and was delivering food to elderly residents on Tuesday morning.

– There are three people we are delivering food to here. But we don't know if we will be let in, she says.

Lina Lidström was going to deliver food to three elderly people but was stopped by the police cordon.

The entrance to Guldstadsgymnasiet is in the courtyard – but that is not a problem due to the pupils being on winter break.

– There are no pupils in the school. The groundskeeper will open another way in for us who are working, says principal Maria Holmsten.

A resident in the area comes out for a dog walk around 7 in the morning.

— It's awful what's happened. This is a very quiet area where things don’t usually happen, the person says to Norran’s reporter on the scene.

Hörnellgatan was cordoned off for the entirety of Tuesday morning.

She has to duck under police cordons on the way out.

— I've neither heard nor seen anything, she says.

Just before 10:00 the police are still present in order to guard the cordons while waiting for crime scene technicians.

A neighbour comes out of the door to throw out the rubbish and was about to pass through the police cordons in the courtyard but was stopped by a police officer.

– I’m just going to take the rubbish out, the neighbour says.

– You’ll have to wait, the officer says.

– How long?

– I don't know, the officer says.

The police are guarding the cordons.

By the police cordons on Hörnellgatan there are still traces of blood in the snow. A young girl Norran has talked to is visibly affected by the event.

– I was shocked, I think it’s really terrible and hard to walk past and see it, she says.

She says that she first saw some older ladies who stopped by the cordons.

– They were holding their hands over their mouths, I thought: ”What's happened”?!

The scene of the crime is quiet in the morning but several passers-by stop.

– Terrible, says one town hall employee who passes by.