Marius starts a veggie food truck in Guldtorget

A veggie food truck, Grön Ninja, hgas opened in Skellefteå's central square. The owner, Marius Perju, says that the idea for the truck came from a desire to save the climate. "I think we all have a green ninja inside us," he says.

Skellefteå 2 mars 2023 10:07

In a bright yellow van, Marius Perju is driven around the streets of Skellefteå. On the side of the van is a large logo with a turtle holding two samurai swords in front of an image of a globe. Marius says that one of the reasons he's starting the food truck is that he has had difficulty finding local places that serve vegan food.

– When you go out to eat, there isn't much choice. That's why I came up with this idea, because it was so difficult for me when I was going out on the town. I used to ask myself: where should I eat, what should I eat? Then I thought that I'll do it myself, he says.

Marius Perju says he became vegan partly for the sake of his health.

Do you think there'll be demand for vegetarian food in Skellefteå?

– I think there is. Everyone I've talked to has been interested.

Marius has not run a restaurant before, but has worked as a chef at Verandan, among others. He originally comes from Romania but has lived in Sweden for ten years. He became a vegan three years ago and says he became a vegan because of his health.

The food cart opens its windows on Guldtorget onThursday, March 2.

The name Grön Ninja comes from Marius'smartial arts interest as well as a commitment to the climate issue.

- Most people try to help the environment. I'm vegan, others sort their garbage. It all has a positive impact on the environment. People want to influence the environment in a positive way; it's not always that easy, but lots of small things become a big thing that can make a difference, he says.

Among other things, veggie burgers will be served.

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