Plans to build 100 student apartments

Skebo is planning to construct a seven-story block at this location.
Skebo is planning to construct a seven-story block at this location.

Skebo is to construct additional student housing in Sörböle, a seven-story building comprising approximately one hundred apartments, along with a rooftop terrace.

Skellefteå 5 juni 2023 13:14

Since 2017, UGM Fastigheter AB has held a land allocation for the property. The initial intention was to purchase the land and build 30-50 apartments. A detailed plan has also been in place since 2021, allowing for the construction of up to seven-story buildings.

However, the land allocation ultimately expired at the end of May this year. Additionally, the municipality has expressed uncertainty regarding UGM Fastigheter AB's ability to proceed with construction in the near future. Consequently, the land allocation has been terminated as per the decision by the Municipal Executive Board on Monday.

– In a rapidly growing Skellefteå, it is crucial that entities receiving land allocations follow through with construction within a reasonable timeframe. Otherwise, we need to reassign land allocations, just as we have done in this case, allocating it to Skebo. This way, we hope to enable the creation of more housing in high-demand Skellefteå, explains Patrik Larsen, Head of Land and Development at Skellefteå Municipality.

Simultaneously, the demand for housing in Skellefteå is well-known. To leverage the building rights, the Municipal Executive Board has now granted Skebo the land allocation.

Skebo plans to construct student housing on the site, with the land priced at 2,000 SEK per square meter. Construction is scheduled to commence in autumn 2023, according to the committee's report.

– We will take swift action to break ground as soon as possible. Our objective is to build student housing, which is in high demand due to the development of the campus. As the number of students in Skellefteå continues to grow, we aim to provide highly attractive accommodation options," states Harriet Classon, Chairman of the Board at Skebo.

The next step for Skebo is to seek proposals from contractors. Detailed designs for the project are not yet available.

– We have prepared for an efficient process. Ultimately, this will contribute significantly to the availability of student housing in Skellefteå, which is both exciting and inspiring. It has been quite some time since new purpose-built student housing was last developed in Skellefteå, says Helena Markgren, CEO of Skebo.

Skebo already operates one hundred student rooms in Älvsbacka and Sunnanå/Sörböle, as well as 220 temporary student rooms on the campus area.

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