New neighborhood planned near Skellefteå river

Landowners in Tuvan have entered a development agreement with the municipality, paving the way for eight new house plots.

The area in blue is where the new neighborhood is planned.

The area in blue is where the new neighborhood is planned.

Foto: Skellefteå kommun

Skellefteå2024-04-18 18:00

The owners of Tuvan 3:37, Per Lundmark and Marina Börjesson, are working on the plot plans. The municipal executive board has approved the development agreement. 

A new detailed plan has also been developed and will be processed by the building and environment committee this spring.

Lundmark expresses optimism for the new villa development in Södra Tuvan, stating:

– We already have several plots partially reserved, indicating a strong interest in building here.

The development, situated in Södra Tuvan and south of Bockholmsvägen, will comprise eight house plots and a surrounding road. A public park area and a nature trail are also part of the plans.

Lundmark further elaborates on the area's appeal, saying:

– This is where we live now, and we plan to stay. It's a peaceful rural setting yet conveniently close to the city.

Beyond the eight plots, the landowners intend to construct a road encircling the neighborhood. Additionally, a dedicated public park area and a nature trail will be incorporated into the development.

– We're aiming for completion within a year, says Lundmark.

– The municipality will be responsible for installing and covering the costs of finished water and sewer pipes leading to each plot. Individual landowners will then be accountable for the digging and cost of pipes within their own properties. Additionally, a joint facility will be established to manage the operation and maintenance of the new road.

Construction may begin relatively soon.