New bus routes to help rural, Northvolt and healthcare workers

Skellefteå is stepping up its game this summer and autumn with a focus on increased frequency, a convenient summer shuttle service, and a strategic route extension.

Evelina Fahlesson (S), municipal councillor, talks about investments in public transportation.

Evelina Fahlesson (S), municipal councillor, talks about investments in public transportation.

Foto: Gerth Hedberg

Skellefteå2024-05-15 16:45

Skellefteå municipality is addressing the public transportation needs of Fällfors/Sandfors and surrounding villages this summer with the deployment of a convenient shuttle bus service.

– To meet the need for public transportation to and from Fällfors/Sandfors and villages in between this summer, a shuttle bus will be deployed, says municipal councillor Evelina Fahlesson (S).

This on-demand service requires booking a ride the day before. While it operates with a set schedule like a regular bus, pickups and drop-offs will only occur at designated stops upon booking. This seasonal service replaces the regular bus route and connects with route 212 at the Drängsmark junction. The proposed connection times with route 212 are 8:15 towards Skellefteå and 12:45 from Skellefteå, Monday to Friday.

Getting to the secondhand store Rondellen will be easier on weekdays.

Come August 18, several improvements will take effect.

Route 2 will have an extra daily trip added (Monday-Friday) to and from Rönnskär, with an additional three trips offered on weekends. Route 3 gains two new daily round-trips to Hammarängen (Monday-Friday) to better serve the new Rondellen second-hand store and cater to shift changes at Northvolt.

– Travel increased by 30 percent last year, and 200,000 trips are made by public transportation every month, says Lorents Burman (S), municipal councillor.

An extended route past Örviken to Skelleftehamn will make it easier for travelers.

Public transportation for municipal care workers during shift changes will be significantly enhanced based on public requests. 

Additionally, there will be no service interruptions during major holidays, with at least a Sunday service maintained to ensure essential functions operate smoothly.

– Based on requests, shift times for municipal care have received significantly better public transportation than in previous years to and from the communities, says Fahlesson.

– To ensure essential functions operate smoothly during major holidays, the proposal is to maintain at least Sunday bus service levels to avoid any inconvenience.

Route 220 (Skellefteå-Örviken) will be extended to run via Sundgrundsleden, with a new stop/start point added at Kyrkogårdsvägen in Skelleftehamn. 

This extension creates a vital connection between the north and south sides of the river, benefiting both regional and local traffic. It will also reduce travel time between locations like Anderstorp and Skellehamn and ease the burden on local buses. 

Passengers from Skelleftehamn currently need to take route 2 to the city center and then transfer to route 1 to reach Anderstorp, and vice versa.

– The benefit of the route extension is to create a connection between the northern and southern sides of the river and between regional and local routes, explains Fahlesson.

– It will reduce travel time between, for example, Anderstorp and Skelleftehamn.

Skellefteå Buss will have more routes this autumn