New homes built and moved into in 2022

800 new homes were created in 2022 in Skellefteå municipality and the surrounding areas.

New builds occupied in 2022.

New builds occupied in 2022.

Foto: Illustration: Skellefteå kommun

Skellefteå2023-02-27 10:51

Most Skellefteå people probably know that the pace of construction has increased recently, and the municipality has now summarized the outcome for 2022.

800 homes were completed; the total includes both apartments and houses.

Most were finished in Västra Erikslid, and next comes the Frigg quarter in the center of town.

South of the river, there was development in Nipan 2, as well as on Falkträsket.

Areas with rental properties have also been completed in Kåge and Bureå respectively.

At Östra Nygatan on Älvsbacka there was development in to Älvshöjden, and at Tubölegatan in an area with townhouses.

Construction in Skellefteå continues and the municipality estimates that 800 new homes will also be completed in 2023.

Just a few years ago, around 50-150 new homes were being built per year, so the rate has increased significantly.

Here you can read more about the aforementioned developments: (in Swedish).

SBB bygger hyresrätter på Västra Erikslid

Heimstaden bygger hyresrätter på Västra Erikslid

Skebo bygger hyresrätter i kvarteret Frigg 

Skebo bygger hyresrätter på Nipan 2

Peab bygger bostadsrätter på Älvsbacka

Ekeblad bostad bygger bostadsrätter på Tuböle.

Privatpersoner bygger villor på Falkträskets nya bostadsområde

Tre bolag bygger bostadsrätter (radhus) på Falkträskets nya bostadsområde

Gretabo bygger hyresrätter i Hedensbyn

Skebo bygger hyresrätter i Kåge

Nordic Unit bygger hyresrätter i Bureå