Police: 'The suspicion of crime has cooled off'

A man was found dead at the Solbacken barracks in Skellefteå on Sunday evening. Now the police are saying that there may not be a criminal act behind the death of the man. "Both the post-mortem and other investigations point in the same direction, and the investigation has cooled off," David Helgesson, head of the serious crime unit, tells Norran.

Polisen spärrade av ett område med minst ett dussintal bostäder på barackområdet på Solbacken.

Polisen spärrade av ett område med minst ett dussintal bostäder på barackområdet på Solbacken.

Foto: Norran

Skellefteå2023-09-14 12:24

On Wednesday, an autopsy was performed on the man who was found dead at Solbacken in Skellefteå on Sunday evening, the police reported on their website.

"The preliminary findings indicate that the man's death may not have been the result of a crime. Other investigative measures also indicate that it may have been an accident or a medical issue," it reads.

– On Wednesday afternoon, we received preliminary information that the suspicion of foul play has diminished. But it has not been ruled out.

– The classification of the crime remains and we haven't made any formal decisions yet, David Helgesson, group leader at the serious crime unit in Västerbotten, tells Norran.

– There are investigative measures to be completed, but until the final autopsy report arrives, the investigation is somewhat on hold. It may take several weeks, maybe a month, before it arrives.

- We conducted the interviews that we deemed interesting and important to the inquiry. The scene is still cordoned off and we have gathered other information, but based on the autopsy report, we are entering a different phase of the case.

He says they have worked to secure the investigation with a number of investigative measures.

- We interviewed people, gathered information, and mapped the person's whereabouts to assess events if a crime had occurred.

It was late Sunday night when a European citizen was found dead. About a dozen residences in the hilly area of Solbacken were cordoned off, and a murder investigation was launched.

- The police can't rule out a crime, so they are working without prejudice, and the forensic examination will be crucial, police spokeswoman Elisabeth Glaas told Norran on Monday.

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David Helgesson, chef för grova brott.
David Helgesson, chef för grova brott.