Blocks and townhouses proposed for central Skellefteå

The relevant buidling is marked in purple.
The relevant buidling is marked in purple.

There will be two new detailed plans for housing in Skellefteå. That was decided by the building and environment committee at Thursday's meeting.

Skellefteå 23 mars 2023 17:13

The first lot is located in the Kapella quarter, between Friskis and the O'Learys restaurant.

There, a property owner wants to be able to build apartments at Kapella 5. The ground floor will be for commerce or offices.

This development will likely be straightforward to implement because the municipality has already planned for several new high-rise buildings in the entire block. Incidentally, the first construction is underway, being done by HSB in the north-west.

Here you can see the plot highlighted in red. To the north is Frisiks och Svettis. To the south is the restaurant, O´Learys.

The next area to be planned is where Prästbordet's preschool is located. When it has been demolished, it should be possible to build 10-15 townhouses.

The detailed plans must now be made, but they have been given priority 3, which means that the work may be delayed.

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