300 rental units expected in Sörböle development

Nine rental blocks, soaring up to seven stories, are set to be constructed in Sörböle. This information is revealed in the detailed plan for Volten 2, currently open for public consultation.

This is how the apartment blocks are proposed to be built. The number on the roof marks how many stories they can have.

This is how the apartment blocks are proposed to be built. The number on the roof marks how many stories they can have.

Foto: Skellefteå kommun

Skellefteå2023-07-21 09:37

The plot is located on Brogatan, where there are currently small industries towards the Travbanan racecourse. However, Skellefteå municipality plans to transform the area into residential properties eventually.

The first project is Volten 2, just south of the Sörvalla football fields. Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget is now working on a detailed plan for construction.

Consultations with neighbors and authorities are ongoing over the summer, and feedback is due by August 31st.

The plan includes nine buildings, ranging from four to seven stories high, arranged in a ring to create a pleasant inner courtyard. Defining the space from the surrounding industries is essential, as the neighbors to the south and east are still involved in such activities.

There will be a row of carports to separate from the nearest southern neighbor. Towards the north, parking spaces will act as a buffer to shield the residences from noise during football matches.

They will investigate adjusting the football field lighting to avoid glare in the residences.

The documents don't specify the exact number of apartments, but around 300 rental units are expected.

As the plot is close to the upcoming Sunnanå development, similar architectural requirements will be followed for the neighboring buildings.

The plot where Samhällsbyggnadbolaget wants to build, seen from the east. On the right you can see the Sörvalla football fields.

The main issue with the plot is that it has been used for industrial activities. During soil tests, a considerable amount of pollution was found. Some of it comes from metals, likely originating from iron ore, and some from contaminants associated with oil handling.

The groundwater has levels far above the limit for it to be suitable as drinking water.

To address this, the proposal suggests removing a one-meter layer of soil everywhere designated as open ground. However, for areas where buildings or asphalt will be, the contaminated soil can remain.

Since much of the metals will be removed, it is expected that the quality of the groundwater will improve, which is beneficial for plant growth.

As for traffic noise, it is not expected to be an issue. While there might be more traffic on Karlgårdsleden in the future, there is a curtain of trees between the road and the apartments, so no apartment will need specific adjustments for that reason.