Micael and Johanna offer answers about Skellefteå life

For almost a year, Micael Silenstam and Johanna Englund have answered questions from people who are curious about Skellefteå as a place to live. So far, 1,000 people have received information about the region in Swedish or English. "Those who get in touch have a genuine interest," says Silenstam.

Skellefteå 14 mars 2023 11:22

The duo, who work with the immigration service at Skellefteå municipality, are the ones who handle the questions from those who received the newsletter with the theme Det enklä lifet/Change Your Live. The Swedish venture was launched at the end of March last year and a few months later they introduced an English one.

Recently, the number of responses in Swedish has increased for Micael Silenstam and Johanna Englund, immigration service, who handle the feedback on the newsletter Det enkla lifet/Change Your Life.

9,000 of the 12,000 who responded are English-speaking.

– If we make 250 mailings, at least 10 will respond, notes Silenstam.

Many want to know a lot about jobs and housing.

"Many of those who contact us internationally do not know much about Sweden. They have more complex questions," says Johanna Englund.

– They also wonder, for example, about schools in Sweden and the possibility of ecoliving here. Many would like to live close to nature and would like a rural life, says Englund.

– We explain that they can get in touch in a week or in six months. but that moving is a long process that takes time, says Silenstam.

"Everyone is so happy and positive that they get in touch. It's great," says Micael Silenstam.

Silenstam especially remembers a Spaniard who works in marketing who got in touch:

– He wrote: I want to start by praising the campaign. I have no ambitions to move, but would like to see what you do next.

During the spring, the Welcome House, a meeting place for new residents to get together, opens physically next door to the reception in the municipal hall, where both Silenstam and Englund will be located.

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