Property prices falling in Skellefteå

House prices have come down lately.
House prices have come down lately.

Property prices have fallen in Skellefteå. During the last three months, the decline has been seven percent for apartments and six percent for houses.

Skellefteå 8 mars 2023 14:26

This is according to figures from Swedish Brokerage Statistics.

This is longest-lasting decline for property prices since 2012. This has occurred after an unusually long and relatively stable positive development with only short downward periods.

A total of 137 apartments were sold in Skellefteå municipality between December and February. The average price was 1.5 million kronor.

76 houses have been sold during the same time, with an average price of 2.5 million kronor.

However, prices for holiday homes are rising in Skellefteå over a twelve-month period. There, the average price has increased by five percent.

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