Murder suspect released: Dramatic twist unfolds

The 20-year-old cried uncontrollably when he was arrested on April 28 for the murder in Malå. On Tuesday, he was released, Norran can reveal. "As the situation stands today, I will not bring charges against the man," says prosecutor Andreas Nyberg.

The 20-year-old cried when he was arrested but he's being released, because the evidence against him is not strong enough according to the prosecutor. Lawyer Urban Rönnblom points out that his client has always denied the crime and feels great relief at his release.

The 20-year-old cried when he was arrested but he's being released, because the evidence against him is not strong enough according to the prosecutor. Lawyer Urban Rönnblom points out that his client has always denied the crime and feels great relief at his release.

Foto: Evelina Eriksson/Hans Berggren

Skellefteå2023-05-23 17:16

Norran reported on Saturday, April 29, that a fifth person had been arrested and subsequently detained on suspicion of involvement in the murder that occurred in Malå on the night of February 12 and 13. The teenage boy was officially remanded in custody, as there were reasonable grounds to believe his connection to the murder. Furthermore, he admitted to committing aggravated assault.

A few days prior to the teenager's detention, a police operation led to the arrest of two men in their twenties, who were suspected of being involved in the same murder. Both individuals, who vehemently denied any involvement, were subsequently remanded in custody by the Skellefteå District Court.

Additionally, a 50-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman, who have been held in custody for more than three months in relation to the murder, have faced repeated extensions of their remand. Both individuals steadfastly maintain their innocence and deny any wrongdoing.

Prosecutor Andreas Nyberg decided on Tuesday that one of the 20-year-olds, who was in custody for the suspected murder in Malå, should be released immediately. The criminal suspicions are not currently sufficient to bring charges, according to the prosecutor.

Norran can now reveal that one of the individuals who had been held in custody was released at noon on Tuesday, following a decision by prosecutor Andreas Nyberg, who is leading the investigation. This pertains to one of the 20-year-olds who had been remanded in custody since Friday, April 28.

During the remand hearing, which took place at the detention center in Umeå, the individual was visibly distraught and cried incessantly.

As recently as May 12, the court extended his remand based on the evidence presented by the prosecutor. At that time, there were four grounds for detention, as the court found probable cause to suspect the 20-year-old of murder.

What has occurred since May 12?

– The investigation has now progressed to a point where, based on the current circumstances, I will not proceed with pressing charges against the individual. Therefore, there is no justification for keeping him in custody any longer, stated Nyberg in response.

In the early hours of February 13, the act of violence occurred in Malå. According to initial information, there were several masked people in the residence and the 30-year-old victim was subjected to knife violence. The man, who himself raised the alarm about the violent attack, later died at the scene.

Why is he being released?

– My assessment is that there are still probable cause grounds, and he is not removed from the investigation. However, the suspicions against him have not been strengthened compared to the suspicions that have now been strengthened against the other four. If I do not expect to press charges, the only right thing to do is to release him.

How has the evidence been strengthened against the other four?

– It involves both testimonies and the results of the technical investigation, which lead me to believe that the suspicions against the four have been collectively strengthened. At this point, I cannot provide details on which specific aspects the evidence has been strengthened, in what ways, or the timeline for this. That information can only be released once charges are pressed.

In the coming days, remand hearings will be held at the Skellefteå District Court since Thursday at 11:00 is the deadline to either press charges or request the continued detention of the four individuals in custody.

According to Andreas Nyberg, it is not too far off before the murder indictment can be submitted to the Skellefteå District Court:

– The extensive investigative work continues through interviews and the technical investigation. It is still a matter of piecing together what has happened, like solving a complex puzzle. We are leaving no stone unturned. It requires both thoroughness and expediency to make progress.

Lawyer Urban Rönnblom comments that the 20-year-old man has now been released following the prosecutor's decision: "My client has denied the crime the whole time".

Lawyer Urban Rönnblom is the public defender for the released 20-year-old.

At around 4 p.m. on Tuesday, he provided a comment to Norran:

– I received the news at noon that my client had been released from custody. A couple of hours later, I was able to speak to him. He is naturally relieved to be released. He denies the accusations and has consistently maintained his innocence.

Does it seem likely that charges will not be pressed against your client?

– We will have to wait and see until the prosecutor makes a decision regarding the charges before we can provide any comments on this matter.