Major power cuts just outside Skellefteå

A larger power outage occurred in parts of Skellefteå and Norsjö municipalities during Monday morning.

Over a thousand households were affected,

Over a thousand households were affected,

Foto: Skellefteå Kraft

Skellefteå2024-03-11 13:04

More than a thousand households were affected. The power outage occurred shortly after 11:30 on Monday. According to Skellefteå Kraft's operational map, areas such as Finnfors, Bastuträsk, and Båtfors were affected. 

However, by 11:50, the electricity was back, according to Elin Ala, the press spokesperson for Skellefteå Kraft.

– It was a ground fault that caused the power outage, but we were able to fix it quickly.

At its peak, 1,233 households were without electricity, according to Elin Ala.